Urban Simulation Team UCLA.

Building real-time virtual cities and urban environments.



Dangler (Los Angeles, CA)

The Dangler incorporates 11 motors arranged in a cross formation. Using straps and cables, each motor is connected to a joint of the body suspending the figure face-down in a horizontal position above the ground. The body is also connected to a series of monitoring instruments that provide data such as pulse, breath, brain activity, and other such physiological information. This data is subsequently fed into a computer which controls the motion of the motors connected to the body. In the Dangler the usual feedback system between the occupant’s senses and the environment is replaced by information about the person’s physiological state determining the person’s interaction within the space.



Master’s thesis.

Real-time web based responsive virtual space.


Novak Studio – LA Cathedral

Teaching a computer how to design based on selected pasrameters and design aesthetics.


Hodgets Studio – Measuring Instrument


Eisenberg Studio – Atypical House


Leibeskind Studio – Toy